Water ice on the surface of the moon

The news was in the press + from 26 August 2018: NASA confirmed the presence of water ice on the surface of the moon. 

Photo of NASA showing the distribution of ice on the surface of the South Pole (left) and the North Pole (right). The ice was detected by the Moon Mineralogy Mapper instrument.  
Credits: NASA

It is the Moon Mineralogy Mapper instrument, embedded on the Indian probe Chandrayaan-1, which detected the presence of water ice in the soil. By analyzing the results of this probe, the team of researchers succeeded in demonstrating the presence of ice at the poles.  The presence of water vapour had been detected by Apollo 14 in 1971. This discovery is the culmination of nearly 50 years of research. 

Traces of water have now been detected on 23 objects in the solar system. This discovery will undoubtedly further stimulate exploration and exobiology. Indeed, if life can pass from the sun and oxygen. Liquid water remains an essential ingredient in life. 


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