Francophone scientific websites and Blogs.

There seems to be remarkably few French-language scientific extension blogs. Here are some good French sites:

1) Futura Science:

French Site created in 2001. Has more than 3 million visitors per month. According to SimilarWeb, it is the 9th most frequented scientific site and the 241st most frequented site in France. This is not strictly speaking a personal blog, but it is a high quality site. 

2) It goes up there:

Eric Simon's personal website (Blog and Podcast) on astrophysics and the sciences of the universe. Very nice discovery. It's worth a visit

3) Amazing Science:

David Louapre's Blog focuses on physics, but also on mathematics, chemistry, biology and the humanities. 

4) Jpcmanson:

JP Manson's Blog on philosophy and epistemology. 

5) Science Press Agency:

The Science-Presse agency is a non-profit news agency founded in 1978. It is the only scientific news agency in Canada.  The website is visited by almost a million visitors each year. The site contains a section with close to 100 blogs of Quebec scientists or organizations. 

For Quebec, there are also the sites of Pascal forget and Bruno Guglielminetti but I have not yet found a non-professional Blog about science and technology.

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