Fall has been busy!

It’s been several weeks since I’ve been able to write articles on Science Connexions. The fall was indeed very busy. After the family activities, the professional, sports, I was short of time.

My little free time has been invested in the digital incubator. Indeed, after completing the first round of web technologies, I focused my attention on data science and machine learning and artificial intelligence. As my Python was a little rusty, I had to start by diving back into this flagship programming language for data science and artificial intelligence. 

It was whilre exploring the Anaconda distribution of Python that I came across the most interesting surprise since the creation of my digital incubator: Orange. This is an open source application that offers a visual interface for doing machine learning with the Scikit-Learn bookstore. Orange allowed me to run my first neural network several weeks earlier than I thought possible.

If this all seems Chinese to you, it’s normal. I will come back to it in one or more articles soon. We hear about artificial intelligence almost every day in the media, but always with an aura of magic and mystery. Artificial intelligence is not magic: it is mathematics, algorithms, but mostly data. 

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